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Release notes

Version 7.12, released 2022-Jan-06

New features:
- Center horizontally and Center vertically buttons added to the Text Tool, allowing centering text in the icon;
- Color picker header now displays which color is being selected - Color 1 or Color 2;
- The Rounded Corners (Advanced) filter improved: When border is added, no more artifacts around the border;
- Rounded Corners and Rounded Corners (Advanced) filters are unified into one;
- The Point Tool improved - now it fills a full stroke rather than separate points after you move the mouse while holding down the button;
- Dialogue windows now have native Windows style under Windows 11.

Version 7.11.2, released 2021-Jun-27

- Fixed one more bug introduced in v7.11. Delete and Backspace keys now work properly in Text Tool.

Version 7.11.1, released 2021-May-28

- Fixed several minor bugs introduced in v7.11.

Version 7.11, released 2021-May-13

New features:
- New Auto line width (1/32 of icon size) for lines, ellipses, and rectangles. Useful when switching between various icon sizes: You can keep the same relative line width;
- New Snap to grid option for lines, ellipses and rectangles;
- New guide types: Guides for iOS icon and Guides for macOS icon. See View | Grid and Guides menu;
- New Rounded corners (advanced) filter. See Filters | Shape menu. It has several presets and produces more beautiful rounded corners than the old basic filter.
- The default icon size on app launch is now 256x256 (not 32x32 as before). You can set the default size in Preferences:
- New setting in Preferences: Default icon size. Used to set icon size on app launch and when using the File | Close menu command.
- The installer no longer requires Administrator rights;
- The installer no longer supports Windows XP.

Version 7.10, released 2021-Jan-14

New features:
- New Glyph tool. Glyphs are more than 1400 ready-to-use symbols, which you can add to your icon image.

Version 7.9.1, released 2020-Sep-15

Minor tweaks:
- High-DPI monitors support improved;
- Hint messages added when exporting image to a lossy graphic format.

Version 7.9, released 2020-Jan-07

New features:
- Updated look and feel.

Version 7.8.1, released later on 2019-May-12

- Fixed a problem with Help file displaying.

Version 7.8, released 2019-May-12

New features:
- Icon export for Apple devices improved - new resolutions added for Apple Watch and Mac apps.

Version 7.7, released 2019-Jan-22

New features:
- Possibility to set transparent areas to black, white, or gray instead of default checkerboard pattern;
- Option to set right mouse button action - Eraser or Swap Colors;
- Finnish translations corrected.

Version 7.6, released 2018-Apr-17

New features:
- Resolution enhancement is now performed when updating a larger image from a smaller one;
- When exporting for Android, a 512x512 image is now generated in addition to other sizes;
- When exporting for iOS, a 1024x1024 image is now generated in addition to other sizes.

Version 7.5.1, released 2018-Mar-10

Improvements and bugfixes:
- Mouse pointers updated;
- Fixed a bug with the Hand tool - now the tool works with all screen scales;
- Help file updated.

Version 7.5, released 2018-Jan-21

New features:
- Hi-dpi monitors are now supported. IconEdit2 scales up when "Text, Apps and other items" size set to more than 100% in Windows;
- New gray color UI theme.

Version 7.4.1, released 2017-Jun-04

- Fixed screenshot function when "Text, Apps and other items" size set to more than 100% in Windows.

Version 7.4, released 2017-Mar-22

New features:
- New menu command added: "Edit | Paste from File...";
- "Edit | Paste Transparent..." improved. When pasting smaller images, they are not enlarged to the whole icon size, and allowed to move (paste position) with mouse;
- When Control or Alt key is pressed, Ellipses become circles, Rectangles become squares, and lines are strictly horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Version 7.3, released 2017-Feb-24

New features:
- Batch convert images to icons. See "Help | Batch convert images..." menu command;
- New option in Preferences: "Styled system windows". You can switch it off if you don't like IconEdit2-styled File Open and File Save dialogs;
- Minor tweaks, e.g. more optimal default color depths for new icons.

Version 7.2, released 2017-Jan-26

New features:
- Cursor (*.cur) file support added.

Version 7.1, released 2016-Nov-16

New features:
- Anti-aliasing method for 1-pixel-wide lines was changed to produce sharper lines;
- Option added to switch off anti-aliasing for lines, ellipses, and rounded rectangles;
- Gradient Fill implemented (Linear and Radial);
- Swap colors button added;
- Help file updated.

Version 7.0, released 2016-Sep-21

New features:
- Larger main window with redesigned side panels;
- New buttons for exporting an image for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android.

Version 6.11, released 2016-Apr-27

New features:
- Catalan, Finnish, and Swedish languages added;
- New "View | Guides" menu command and tool button added;
- Setup app now creates just one icon in Start menu to better suite Windows 10 style.

Version 6.10, released 2016-Jan-11

New features:
- "PNGs for iOS app" image export format improved: new 83.5@2x icon size added for iPad Pro;
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 6.9, released 2014-Dec-20

New features:
- "PNGs for iOS app" image export format improved: new @3x icon sizes added for iPhone 6;
- "PNGs for Android app" image export format added.

Version 6.8, released 2014-Sep-03

New features:
- New "Filters | Other | Transparency..." filter;
- New "iOS icon bundle" image export format;
- "Edit | Paste" functionality improved.

Version 6.7, released 2014-May-08

New features:
- TrueColor mouse pointers under Windows Vista and later;
- Color Picker improved: shows Color panel after picking a color;
- Bug fixed that caused transparent areas to be displayed as black in Windows XP.

Version 6.6, released 2014-Apr-15

New features:
- 1-bit color depth support added;
- Bug fixed that caused incorrect saving of non-standard image sizes.

Version 6.5, released 2014-Jan-28

New features:
- Image quality improved for ellipses, rounded rectangles, and thick lines;
- Filters added: Round with Border and Rounded Corners;
- Application icon changed;
- Modes added for Point tool.

Version 6.4, released 2013-Oct-04

New features:
- Right-click to erase;
- "Filters | Stylize | Round" filter added;
- Modes for Move tool added.

Version 6.3, released 2013-May-14

New features:
- Zoom In/Out implemented;
- "Image | Update from" menu command added, allowing to instantly update current image from another image in multi-image icon;
- Minor tweaks.

Version 6.2, released 2013-Feb-06

New features:
- Fixed problem with screen capture in fullscreen mode on some computers (IconEdit2 window did not hide on some PCs);
- Japanese translation updated;
- "Image | Capture with Crop" menu command added;
- "Edit | Preferences..." menu command added;
- Fill tool now has three modes: Blend, Replace, and Replace Antialiased.

Version 6.1, released 2012-Nov-26

New features:
- Snapshot function reimplemented without Clipboard usage;
- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG formats added into Save As dialog (in addition to Export dialog);
- Icon sizes commands added into File menu;
- Fullscreen mode instead of separate edit window;
- Filters start from non-zero value for immediate result;
- Russian and Japanese languages added.

Version 6.0, released 2012-Sep-20

New features:
- Full support for semi-transparency;
- Full support for multi-image icon files;
- User interface redesigned.

Version 5.5, released 2011-May-26

New features:
- (Auto)Check for updates function added;
- Grid for 256x256 and 128x128 icons is not displayed in edit area;
- Setup application is now digitally signed.

Version 5.4, released 2010-Feb-04

New features:
- "View | Preview Area Color" menu command added;
- "Image | Filters - Other | Drop Sadow" filter added;
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.3, released 2009-Sep-05

New features:
- 256x256 PNG-compressed icon support added;
- "Edit | Cut" and "Edit | Clear" menu commands added;
- Icon extraction from EXE/DLL/ICL improved;
- PNG and GIF to icon conversion improved (transparency preserved).

Version 5.02, released 2008-Sep-14

Another maintenance release.
- Now compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 2008 Server.

Version 5.01, released 2008-Feb-13

Maintenance release.

Version 5.0, released 2007-Dec-12

New features:
- 32-bit icon format added;
- Auto Smooth Edges option added for 32-bit icons, applying partial transparency at the edges of transparent and non-transparent areas;
- Improved quality for image resize and rotate;
- Improved quality for text, line, and ellipse smoothing;
- 24x24, 64x64, 96x96, and 128x128 icon sizes now supported in addition to 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48;
- New image filters added.

Version 4.4, released 2007-May-06

New features:
- Setup application improved for Vista compatibility (Web links in Start menu now created correctly under Vista);
- Context Help invocation added on F1 key in all Filter and Adjustment windows;
- Fixed "Out of system resources" error when trying to open multi-image icon with 128x128 or 256x256 image included.

Version 4.3, released 2006-Aug-27

New features:
- Added ability to combine multiple single-image icon files into one multi-image file;
- Help file redesigned. Now it is much more informative and compatible with upcoming Windows Vista.

Version 4.2, released 2006-Apr-26

New features:
- New tools: Select Areas and Type Text;
- Improved quality of saved GIF images (optimal 2^n color palette used now instead of 216-color Netscape palette);
- Fixed bug in Search function caused TIFF and PNG files to be skipped from search;
- Fixed minor bug in 16-color icon format caused icon incompatibility with some software, e.g. Perl2Exe.
- Other minor improvements.

Version 4.1, released 2005-Nov-22

New features:
- PNG support added.

Version 4.0, released 2005-Nov-05

New features:
- New screen capture mode: Capture with Crop;
- Large/Normal view;
- Tools menu added;
- Ability to save multi-image ICO files;
- Tool pane added with extended settings for drawing tools.

Version 3.2, released 2004-Apr-09

New features:
- TIFF format support added.

Version 3.1, released 2004-Mar-29

New features:
- File menu now contains a list of recent files to reopen;
- Confirmation on icon overwrite added; Prompt to save on exit added;
- Dutch and German languages added.

Version 3.0, released 2003-Oct-26

New features:
- Improved image quality when resizing images;
- 48x48 icons support;
- AOL Instant Messenger™ buddy icons support;
- Image flipping and arbitrary rotation;
- Various image filters added.

Version 2.7, released 2003-Sep-08

New features:
- Ability to save 256-color icons in addition to TrueColor;
- GIF format support;
- NIL (Norton Icon Library) format support for extract icons;
- Initial folders for Open and Save dialogue are remembered from last Open and Save actions;
- Camera mode can be canceled with right mouse button;
- French and Spanish languages added.

Version 2.6, released 2003-Mar-20

New features:
- Copy/Paste ability added;
- Menu bar added.

Version 2.5, released 2002-Sep-16

New features:
- Improved look, especially on LCD screens.

Version 2.4, released 2002-Mar-18

New features:
- Output of BMP format image improved;
- New Color thermometer tool;
- New Hand tool.

Version 2.3, released 2001-Oct-07

New features:
- Undo/redo;
- Right mouse button functionality (drawing with transparent color);
- ICL format support.

Version 2.2, released 2001-Mar

New features:
- Better transparency handling;
- New button for setting drawing color the same as transparent;
- Italian language interface added.

Version 2.1, released 2000-Oct

New features:
- Windows 2000 support in addition to Win95/98/NT4;
- Two languages interface: English and Portuguese (Brazilian);
- Open icons from Windows environment with doubleclick;
- Open icons from Windows environment with drag-and-drop;
- 16x16 icon size support in addition to 32x32.

Version 2.0, released 2000-May

New major release.
- "2" is now part of the product name, "IconEdit2";
- New "look and feel";
- New drawing tools;
- TrueColor icons support.

Version 1.0

The first release of the Icon Editor.